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The New York Times noted that this differed considerably from other accounting scandals like Enron and Worldcomsaying "For the one trait that distinguishes the Rigases from virtually every other culprit on Wall Street is that they didn't sell their stock.

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The Commission acknowledges the assistance and cooperation by the U. In , it launched Empire Sports Network , a regional sports network serving central and western New York. In the Securities and Exchange Commission filed suit in the U. Not long after this event on June 25, , Adelphia filed for bankruptcy. But nobody paid attention to red flags during the tech bubble. The practical implications of the scandal for Adelphia were devastating. The Adelphia Scandal. Adelphia Comes Clean: Can Vanessa Wittman help bring scandal- wracked Adelphia out of bankruptcy--and get back into investors good graces? The first sign that something was awry came in a footnote to Adelphia's March 27, , earnings release McCafferty, That gave the family five of the board's nine seats. The effective date of the Adelphia Plan of Reorganization occurred on February 13, Brown, and Michael C.

Kailbourne was installed as chairman and interim CEO. Adelphia Cablevision, Inc. Although Adelphia Communications did not officially exist untilthe company entered its inaugural year of business with a considerable head start over other fledgling cable operators.

Founding members John J. Part of the upgrade consisted of the installation of 2, miles of cable, including a fiber-optic network that would double the number of available stations from 36 to 72, give sharper television images, and lessen the chance of interrupted service.

The first sign that something was awry came in a footnote to Adelphia's March 27,earnings release McCafferty, Brown and Michael C.

That gave the family five of the board's nine seats. The Rigases, it appeared, had used much of the loan money to acquire Adelphia stock; they had also used loan money to finance the purchases of cable properties separate from Adelphia.

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A former Adelphia assistant treasurer, Michael Mulcahey, was acquitted of all criminal charges. Five officers were indicted and two John Rigas and Timothy Rigas were found guilty. It would be years, however, before the Rigas family could claim they stood atop a cable empire. In , it was detected that the company had overstated immensely on its cash flow as well as how many real subscribers they had. By comparison, other corporate misdeeds seem like small potatoes. References for Business- Company History Index. This is also, of course, against the law; it's just a more tragic crime than ordinary looting. Founding members John J. The purchase was made to hedge against lost sales for his movie theater. That alone should have triggered big red flags for institutional investors.

To sustain this pace of financial growth, Adelphia looked to physical expansion and resumed its acquisition program as it entered the mids. Each of these represent key "metrics" by which Wall Street evaluates cable companies. The late s marked a period of feverish consolidation across the cable industry: companies were merging, buying up smaller companies, and even exchanging systems with one another in a race to optimize the efficiency of their customer clusters and maximize economies of scale.

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Adelphia Communications Corp