An introduction to the issues of mass killings in indonesia


Methods of torture included severe beatings with makeshift materials like electric cable and large pieces of wood, breaking fingers and crushing toes and feet under the legs of tables and chairs, pulling out fingernails, electric shocks, and burning with molten rubber or cigarettes. In other words, war has a momentum of its own and it carries you away from all thoughtful intentions when you get into it. Oppenheimer: Yes, six army generals were killed by a group of junior officers on Sept. Category B prisoners were sent to penal colonies in remote areas like Buru Island in the Maluku region where they were set the task of opening up agricultural lands while remaining isolated from the rest of society. In the Indonesian Commission on Human Rights began investigating the killings by collecting evidence and testimonies from individuals and organizations throughout Indonesia, in order to compile a report about the killings and recommend judicial action by the Indonesian government. In other cases the corpses were dumped in the sea, caves, major rivers, left on main streets or mutilated and strung up for public display as a further form of terror. At an official level, responses to efforts to address this past have been mixed. The violence spanned the archipelago, but was particularly intense in Java, Bali and Sumatra where the PKI had a larger following see accompanying maps. That is, a scene where he watches himself re-enact the killings.

Contested Memories of the Killings The collapse of the Suharto regime in May ushered in a period of openness and a new curiosity about the events of the s emerged. Kennedy smiles, Washington, D. The killings began here at a later stage Coppel, Caution is however required in assuming a causal link between religious devotion, theological justifications and participation in the killings.

He also recalls the road west of Kediri being decorated with PKI heads and male genitals being hung outside brothels.

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They were looking at all this as a piece. You have to look at things all over again, every day, every week, every month, and adjust what you are doing, but do it in the light of the experience of the past The ethnic Chinese were not especially targeted in the violence of Fealy has provided one of the most detailed accounts of the involvement of Ansor in this violence.

Some observers have suggested cultural explanations for the killings.

The act of killing

Telegram to the Department of State. To provoke him? Ithaca, N. Over time, an elaborate monument and museum complex was built. Sukarno proposed an alternative in which the president would play a greater role. The areas of most intense conflict were often those in which the PKI had strong political influence, for example Solo, where the Mayor was from the PKI. In his recollections of this period Yusuf Hasyim , the religious teacher and former leader of the military wing of Ansor in East Java, recalled how he had received information from the military about the existence of hit lists from the PKI of Islamic figures who were to be killed. For several months, militia death squads went through villages capturing suspects and taking them away. The remains had been recovered from a mass grave in Wonosobo. And although the Times was equivocal, it was clear that Kennan had serious doubts. A military propaganda campaign to link the coup attempt with the PKI, masterminded by Suharto and the military, began to sweep the country on 5 October.
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