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Then the Senate votes on final passage. Senate Rule XXVI requires each committee except Appropriations and Budget to give at least one week's notice of the date, place, and subject of a hearing; however, a committee may hold a hearing with less than one week's notice if it determines that there is "good cause.

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The Majority Leader coordinates with committee chairs and their party members to schedule debate on the Senate floor. Conferees are traditionally drawn from the committee of jurisdiction, but conferees representing other Senate interests may also be appointed.

Senate Floor Procedure Senate Proceedings and Senators' Rights Senate floor proceedings are governed not only by the Senate's standing rules and precedents, but by various customary practices. Calendars are published at the end of each Congress.

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Filibuster and Cloture: The procedure known as filibuster—essentially open debate used to delay or block a vote on legislation—has been employed numerous times throughout history. Congress has interpreted the use of the pocket veto to be limited to the final, so-called sine die adjournment of the originating chamber. There are no formal rules that outline how conference meetings are to be organized. This can lead to a potential situation in those three states in which both candidates advancing are affiliated with the same party and the seat is considered "won" by that party even though a winner has not been determined yet overall. Importantly, the Constitution originally stipulated that while members of the House of Representatives were elected by the citizens of each state meaning: those eligible to vote , members of the Senate were instead appointed by the individual legislatures of the 13 states. When introduced or received from the House or the president, legislative or executive business is normally referred to the committee with appropriate jurisdiction. Because conference reports are privileged, if any senator objects to the unanimous consent request, a nondebatable motion can be made to take up the conference report.

A variety of factors can produce delays. Constituency The one state - two senator formula means that all senators represent constituencies that are more heterogeneous than the districts represented by most House members.

A committee may also prepare a text which the Senate by resolution orders printed as a numbered Senate document.

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