Argumentative essay should university student take a part time job

Hence, having a part-time job will be a bigger problem with time in university or college. The sentence after it is confusing; it needs to be broken up. Other than money, another important benefit gained from part-time job is the skills that are learned during the experience.

It may be the first time they support themselves financially. Top-down means using our prior knowledge and experiences; we know certain things about certain topics or situations and use that information Evaluation Of Lesson Assessments:.

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In fact, people learn the best by their experience as the saying goes: "Experience is the best teacher".

When students listen or read they process the information they hear both top-down and bottom-up. As a result, you will be less reliant on those around you, and you will learn how to fend for yourself.

Present Today, teenage students, the world over, have been engaging in part time jobs, especially in the developed nations. An able listener is capable of doing these four things together. Central Idea: Excessive homework is unnecessary for the majority of college students.

Why part time jobs are bad for students

Actually, a part-time job can provide money and working experience to them. With the help of the money earned in the jobs, some scholarship money and student loan, many students are able to afford the tuition as well as other fees required in university. During the listening students hear different accents and types. In other words, you not only get paid to work at one of your favourite places, but you also get to save money on purchases! Still, the money will be theirs to spend as they wish, and they may appreciate it more because they worked for it. They have a lot of homework to do rather than working outside. Moreover, high school can provide students a community to fit in to learn issues so that they can develop their qualities and skills. In fact, most of the parents spoil the chil You never know who knows who, so treat every conversation as a chance to progress in your career, and always keep the door open for further discussions.

After attending classes for over eight hours a day, the last thing you want to do is commit yourself to a four-hour shift, but there are many benefits of working a part-time job as a student. If your semester is a long one, then choose to work only during the first half of the semester and concentrate on your studies as exam dates approach.

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