Essay on a teacher i like most

the teacher i like most essay for class 7

Akbar Ali is very much popular with the students. He is a very good cricket player. He is a good sportsman. After giving my exams, I decided to improve my English.

He has very good presentation and talking skills.

the person i like most essay

He acts upon whatever he says or asks others to do. They love us. It is because of her that I complete my work in time and with utmost sincerity even today.

The teacher i admire most essay

He was affectionate to his students and soft-spoken. There are only a few shining gems among them, that may be called the nation builders in the real sense of the word. He knows much and shares his knowledge with the students. There are a number of teacher in my school who have taught me, but Mr. He tries to keep us in good spirits. A good teacher is a great social asset for any nation It is always good to appreciate and respect teachers everywhere. He is in charge of games material. So the impressions of teachers are deep and lasting. I remember a particular instance when I had failed to complete my homework because of sickness and she had asked me to submit the same at my own convenience. All students loved him. The students all greet him with respect in return. Thousands of his students are successful people today. In all school activities he is always present. Mittal is M.
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