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Finally section 2. Most of the people used the saop because it cantains perfume. With the new communication strategy, the film star is used purely as a communication device to portray star quality in every Lux user. Even though LUX targets the urban and sub urban middle and upper middle class people they are distributing their products all over India because of a recent increase in demand of its product to all segments of the population. In the present day consumers are in to naturopathy and believe in natural treatments like the Ayurveda. This makes the feminine consumers more devoted to Lux. We observe the behavior of customer.

Recently HUL has changed its traditional way distribution and came out with a new strategy of distribution. Yes No Have you ever used Lux soap? It gets dissolved pretty fast and gets mushy and soggy quickly.

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This was done in order to attract women who wanted to look and feel like the stars they idolised. Leela Chitnis in the first Lux print adverstisement featuring an indian actress Katrina kaif in the Lux adverstisement featuring an indian actress Rekha in the Lux adverstisement featuring an indian actress Change in communication strategy: However, the communication was slowly seen to be losing relevance, as consumers were beginning to question if the film star actually used the brand.

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Since the very early years, HUL has vigorously responded to the stimulus of economic growth. There is also this new concept in the HUL distribution channel called Kiosk. Jerome McCarthy proposed a four Ps classification in , which has since been used by marketers throughout the world. Children have a major share in the decision m a k i n g process of consumers. The marketer must also consider product development strategies. Working with others: They want to work with suppliers who have values similar to them and work to the same standards as they do. Luxs secret of longevity has been its consistent evolutionbe it the soap colour, packaging o r n e w variants, the brand has banked on innovation to keep its youthful i m a g e i n t a c t. This information will improve our knowledge, which will positively impact our learning experience. It has the advantage of quoting a reasonable price due to its economies of scale. It Further differentiates these segments into Socio Economic Cluster SEC which takes into account the Criteria of education and profession which ultimately measures the financial ability of consumers. The advertisements show not the star, but the actress in the character of an ordinary girl or woman, which any woman can identify with.

In five colors were The name 'Lux' was chosen as a play on the word "luxury. Finally section 2.

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Wholesalers and second leg of big retail outlets called Super Value stores come under the surveillance of the distributor along with the mass retail outlets.

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