Of mice and men final project

You or your group must submit your project idea to me by Thursday, March 10th. Your trailer may only be minutes long, so you must select scenes you believe are important or interesting enough to grab your audiences attention.

How can this theme be represented through images?

of mice and men character poster

Movie posters advertise upcoming or currently playing films. You dont have to start directly after Lennies death; you may do a time-skip, as long as the story still reflects on the fallout of Georges decision to kill Lennie.

Of mice and men essential questions

As the police officer, you must make a summation and a recommendation for action. How can this theme be represented through images? For example, we discussed in class that a major theme of this text is loneliness. You should consider both the lyrics of a song and the instrumental music in your analysis. How does your character speak similar speech should be used in the posts and responses? Select a type of movie genre suspense, drama, comedy, horror, psychological thriller, action, etc. Based upon your insight into the novel, choose ONE of the following projects. For example, you could be tweeting about the events of the Curleys Wifes murder from Candys perspective. The view of his friends: How will his friends George and? Ending Your story must be a minimum of two pages. Speaking: read your story aloud to the class; if youre too scared, Ill read it for you, but YOU must answer any questions they have for you about your narrative choices. Have a tagline Use Photoshop or some other image editing tool to create your own movie poster advertisement based on Of Mice and Men. You may work individually or in groups of up to three people.

The view of his friends: How will his friends George and? You must include at least 15 posts at a minimum.

of mice and men chapter 3 projects

How might he represent or express himself on a tombstone or in a newspaper obituary?

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