Parkinsons disease and tourettes syndrome essay

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These changes can make it harder for a person to function in daily life. Just a few examples are Tuberous sclerosis, Fragile X, Rett 's syndrome, Brain damage following encephalitis.

It is also known that in early stages of schizophrenic illness, obsessions and compulsions occasionally may appear, but are short lived. The first symptoms usually occur in the head and neck area and may progress to include muscles of the trunk and extremities.

While there are surgical and non-surgical interventions as well as many effective drugs to treat PD, there is no cure Below, several scholarly articles will be dissected in hopes of determining a relationship between the two The most common side effects of neuroleptics include sedation, weight gain, and cognitive dulling.

parkinsons disease

Causes and risk factors Scientists are not sure what causes Parkinson's disease. The differences can range from dyspraxia, dyslexia, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, dyscalculia, autistic spectrum, tourette syndrome, and etc.

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Although there may be a few genes with substantial effects, it is also possible that many genes with smaller effects and environmental factors may play a role in the development of TS. The chemicals that are called neurotransmitters pass messages between brain cells, nerves and muscles.

They are connected to small generators that are implanted inside the body. Georges Gilles de la Tourette who first discovered this disorder, this French neurologist described a noblewoman who exhibited these symptoms in

Tourettes and muscle pain

Behavioral treatments such as awareness training and competing response training can also be used to reduce tics. This could have implications for treatment, but more research is necessary. Such a young man contracting a restrictive disease so early on in his life is nothing short of life changing It is also possible that the gene-carrying offspring will not develop any TS symptoms. People with TS have also reported problems with depression or anxiety disorders, as well as other difficulties with living, that may or may not be directly related to TS. This evidence completes the picture that was anticipated when beginning to look at Parkinson's and a possible functional opposite. Lewy bodies: A person with Parkinson's disease may have clumps of protein in their brain known as Lewy bodies. People from all walks of life can suffer from the disease. In , researchers investigating health records in Taiwan found that people with autoimmune rheumatic diseases ARD had a 1.
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