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Complexity reaches its peak between order and disorder, in 1 as instability in stability, and in general in 2 as diversity in unity Power-law behavior: critical exponents and scale-free correlations in 1 and scale-free distributions of events in 2 a delicate balance between two opposite complementary forces, for example one organizing and regulatory force, and one random or chaotic force, or one expanding and one contracting force, or one attracting and one repulsive force At the edge of chaos local microscopic influcences can have far-reaching macroscopic effects. In this case, however, the situation is a bit more complicated, Noheda explains: 'The unit cells in these crystals are elongated, which means that domains of the different unit cells do not easily match in shape. If only the interests of the group matter the solid phase with rigid rules , we got too much order, stagnation and suppression. Crutchfield and K. The R Pentomino has a five-square shape, too. It is this process that was observed for the first time by the Groningen team, using atomic force microscopy. People will cry for a law against theft or murder if it happens to themselves, if their things are robbed or relatives are murdered. They will appreciate culture and long for justice and peace after times of trouble, after "dark ages" with constant conflicts, battles and wars the "warring states period" in ancient China, the Middle Ages in Europe, the Dark Ages in ancient Greece, the "intermediate periods" in ancient Egypt. Mix up the kind of individuals that are working on a solution. Thus, a tug-of-war starts between the intrinsic tendency for order and the increasing entropy. In the Game of Life you can observe all different forms of behavior: stable objects , propagating objects like gliders or spaceships and instable objects like the R Pentomino. Granted, it may be tough for a common man or woman to understand the logistics of an international agreement or Gross Domestic Product, but they usually do not care either because these rarely have an impact on their daily lives: since jobs, profits, infrastructure and development remains in the control of chosen few elitists who are also the primary beneficiary of any accord.

People will cry for a law against theft or murder if it happens to themselves, if their things are robbed or relatives are murdered. Articles Christopher G.

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It defines the small region with highest complexity between order stability, no change or periodic change, rigid or fixed structures, too static and chaos instability, constant or aperiodic change, no rigid or fixed structures, too noisy. The evolution at this point, at the edge of chaos, produces naturally the most complex structures in adaptive systems, because the complexity in the environment reaches its peak here.

Ferroic materials are characterized by their ordered structure, in shape ferroelasticcharge ferroelectric or magnetic moment ferromagneticfor example. In other words, conflicts, battles and wars will increase the threshold of constraints and restrictions that people are willing to accept.

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Noheda also points out how the doubling of domains creates a structure similar to the bifurcating dendrites connecting the pyramidal cells in the brain.

Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. Thus, we could get very diverse responses following a small change in these conditions.

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Some clusters grow, others shrink.

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At the Edge of Chaos by Roland Barrett