The principles of the liturgy in the orthodox christianity

Implications for Orthodox renewal 9. That of St.

The principles of the liturgy in the orthodox christianity

A Sunday-only church is a church deprived of much of the power of Scripture and most of the treasures of Orthodox hymnography. In particular candlestands are placed in front of the four principle icons on the Iconostasis: the icon of Christ, the Theotokos, John the Baptist and the temple's patron.

Singing is as varied and multi-faceted in its forms as chanting and vestments, it changes with the Church 'seasons' of commemoration thus singing during Great Lent is always somber and during Holy Week nearly becomes a sorrowful dirge while during Pascha Easter and the Paschal season the notes are high and quick and as joyful as they were sad during Lent.

Even though today the call to fast is not always strictly followed, nevertheless many devout Orthodox Christians do undergo a time of genuine hardship and it has been said that: Orthodox Christians in the twentieth century - laity as well as monks - fast with a severity for which there is no parallel in western Christendom Instead of this system, sometimes sheets of semi-transparent stone were used, most commonly alabaster or sometimes thin marble.

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Between them however, there is no contradiction. This is the reason that faith in and prayer to God are correlated with morality.

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The Church is guided by the Holy Spirit, Who remains in it until the consummation of the ages.

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