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The characteristic of Chinese Knot is that it is purely hand-made, made of a single rope and named by its specific form and meaning. Related Articles. As for the ministers, generals, councilors and their wives, their uniforms were also restrictively regulated for how many lions or cranes etc can be embroidered on.

The shenyi was widely adopted by various dynasties throughout the history of China. The original Ancient Chinese clothing was referred to as the Han Chinese clothing. Cheongsams of this period were seldom adorned with patterns. It is popularly worn in North China as the wedding dress, traditionally in red.

The higher the rank the better the clothes they wore were. Beforethe cultures and esthetic views of the peoples in north and south China merged because of the moves initiated by frequent wars.

types of chinese clothing

As the embodiment of Chinese culture, it has entered the palace of world culture. In fact, Tangzhuang has been creeping back into fashion in recent years, and the Shanghai summit served as a stimulus to enhance its popularity.

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Ancient Chinese Fashion