Why so many cultures are similar yet different

American Arts In the early years, American art and literature took most of its ideas and influences from European artists.

Similar cultures in the world

French Canadian Culture This comparatively small group of people are a result of colonization and settlement. Seeing this it made me question a few things: Although we are all so different why are there goals that people are looked at to achieve? To study the depths of the Italian culture, one has to perceive the totality of this cultural amalgamation. Cultures could be similar if they believed in monotheism. Mayan Culture Mayan culture has left an indelible mark in its long trails of history about mathematics, architecture, scriptures, and many more such things of interest. Share This. Meat preparations containing crocodile, monkey, warthog and antelopes are also found at times. I find it so intriguing how we all think so differently. Read more about Jamaican Culture. Build a huge house on a huge piece of land in Nashville, Tennessee with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and lots of dogs; as well as have a lake home in Minnesota. All of this makes me wonder how we are all so different but at the same time so similar. In Britain they have tea time and we don't! Culture is the beliefs, behavior, language, and entire way of life of a particular time or group of people. Irish cuisine is a noted aspect of the long trails of the struggle that Ireland had to go through in the times of economic downturn.

Colombian Culture The culture of Colombia is the result of a mixed pot attribute. It is one of the oldest cultures that have existed and survived.

what do cultures have in common

Conservatives regularly chide liberals for not understanding them, and they are right. African Cuisine The African cuisine is a beautiful concoction of tropical fruits and vegetables as well as the exotic seafood varieties.

what is culture

The Dashiki is a very colorful men's garment that covers the upper half of the body, while the traditional female attire is called a Kaftan, which is a loose-fitting pullover garment, usually with an embroidered V-shaped collar.

Geisha, Samurai, Kimono, are only some of the elements which have drawn everyone's attention since decades.

It is a complex blend of many cultures of the world which resulted from the complex process of cultural diffusion and cultural assimilation.

American literature is also known for development of popular literary genres such as hard-boiled crime fiction.

which of the following focuses on what is similar between cultures rather than what is different

In addition to this, there is a wide influence of several African-American dances. In ancient African culture, the stranger was not welcome and there always existed a gap between the stranger and the African people in the pictures.

What characteristics can we study about cultures

We have different reactions to various situations, and most importantly: different methods of acquiring what we need and want. It has been in the forum of development which was grossly influenced by the European, African and native Indian cultures. Mayan Culture Mayan culture has left an indelible mark in its long trails of history about mathematics, architecture, scriptures, and many more such things of interest. However, there is a lot more that needs to be addressed to about this culture. Monotheism is the belief in one god. Gothic Culture Inspired by the European culture, Gothic culture is now found in many countries. Indian Festivals India has a wide variety of festivals and celebrations originating from the numerous religions that co-exist in India.

Finally, the portrayal of the stranger represents a foreigner or an outsider. Despite these overpowering interferences, Hong Kong can boast of an ethnic culture. But unless one knows that the system exists, one may miss it altogether and be mystified by its effects.

Needless to say, there is such a spectacular facet to the culture of Colombia.

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The Different Yet Surprisingly Similar Cultures of the World